Mathias Göbel, Madrid, 20151214


Definition VRE

A virtual research environment is a platform which allows multiple researchers in different locations to work together in real time without restrictions. In terms of content, virtual research environments potentially support the entire research process – from the collection, discussion and further processing of data right through to the publication of results.
Generic Workflow
Specific Workflow
To prepare those projects generic and specific tools are available within the TextGridLab.

Generic Tools

Organizational Tools

Specific Tools like the Text Image Link Editor

What we should learn today:
  • in TextGrid everything is an object
  • every object has an internal URI


Items are the simplest, but also most common entities in TextGrid. An Item may be a page scan or a chapter of an edition in the form of an XML document.



typical items

XML document


types of "folders"

  • aggregation
  • collection
  • edition


role based access control

  • observer
  • editor
  • authority to delete
  • manager